Top 10 Best Music Downloader Apps|Free MP3 Downloaders Android

Free Music Downloader apps is something which we all music listeners are looking for and love to use. We are living in a world where almost everyone is fond of listening music. It has become a passion for everyone and it is loved by people of all age group. Music serves as a connection between people as it helps to convey our feelings to someone special. Thanks to technology that now we are able to listen and download our favourite music with the help of multiple apps available in market. Do checkout our free music downloader apps for android in this article.

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But it is quite difficult to sort out the best apps among million of apps available for Smartphone today. So in order to make your work easy we have listed down some of the best music downloader apps for android devices. Through these apps you can easily download your favourite music in matter of minutes. The list we have given below has been prepared considering all important elements. In order to justify our choices we have written down some information about these apps along with their key features.

Some apps in this list have paid subscriptions but all of them can be installed from Google Play for free. The apps below aren’t only meant for downloading songs but we can also stream music online with the help of these apps.

Many of my friends keeps on asking me where to download free music, so here I’ve shared some of the best 10 free music downloading apps for android.


Our team has truly worked hard to make a list of some of the best mp3 downloader apps for android. We have given a lot of time to sort out these apps from thousands of app available in the market. We can assure you that the apps we have provided in this article are safe for your android phones.

This list contains apps which allow its users to stream music online for free. Moreover, a user can also download his/her favourite songs with the help of these apps. One of the best things about these apps is that you can install these apps for free without paying even a single penny.

1) SoundCloud

Soundcloud is an amazing music application for every android user. It is a social sound platform which enables us to upload and download sounds from everywhere. It allows users to download their favourite music. Soundcloud can be also be used to stream music online with an internet connection.

Moreover if you are among those who love creating music then soundcloud is the best app for you. With soundcloud you can upload you own music and share it with everyone online. I have mentioned this app in the top of my list because of its amazing features.

Key features of soundcloud

  1. You can create your own playlists containing songs of your choice.
  2. In soundcloud songs are divided in categories according to the artists and their genre.
  3. Soundcloud allows you to play, pause and skip tracks from the lock screen.
  4. You can easily add songs to your favorites so as to listen them later.
  5. Souncloud regularly updates its database; therefore you will be able to listen new songs daily.

2) Music Paradise Pro

Music paradise pro is best music search engine app for android. It enables you to search your favourite music with the help of its simple and handy search tool. You can easily search a song by its artist or by its genre. Not only this but it also works as a music player and a music downloader app which makes it really awesome.

You can download multiple songs at a time with Music Paradise Pro. You can also add songs to favourites so that you can find them easily. This application can also be used to set ringtones for phone. It has an amazing User interface which makes it one of the best music app for android. Now let’s talk about the features this app.

Key features of Music Paradise Pro

  1. Music Paradise Pro can be used to create Playlists of your choice. A playlist helps to collect your favourite tracks at a single place.
  2. Users can easily manage their downloaded files with the help of this app.
  3. It supports multiple song downloads at a single time.
  4. It allows you to stream music online if you don’t want to download it.
  5. This app can also serve as a great music player as it supports music files of almost all extensions.

3) Google play music

Google play music is a product of Google inc. and therefore it is well loaded with a no. of features. However Google play comes pre-installed in android devices, it is also available on playstore for free. Thus a user can easily download it from there. This app makes Mp3 downloada lot simpler and easy.

This app has a well deigned UI which is quite attractive. It serves the purpose of a music player and allows you to play songs saved in your SD card or Phone. It can be used a playlist manager and with the help of this app you can make playlists containing as many songs as you like. Google play Music can also download tracks but only for the paid subscriptions which is its major drawback. Here are some features of Google play music.

Key features of Google play Music

  1. It works great as a music player and has amazing UI.
  2. You can add songs to the favourite list.
  3. It has a no. of categories such as: – Artists, Albums, and Genres etc.
  4. It automatically adds up new songs.
  5. It is totally free from ads.

4) RockMyRun

RockMyRun is for those who are crazy about their fitness and have a habit to do regular workout sessions. Let’s admit that workouts are quite boring but on the other hand they are very important. So, if you want to make your workouts entertaining then you should go for RockMyRun app.

This app contains a collection of songs which are specially created to motivate you during exercises. This way you will never get bored. However, it is quite different from other apps since it has songs suitable for the workout sessions only. You can also download your desired songs from this app. But you will be charged after you have exhausted your trial period. Below are some features of RockMyRun app

Key features of RockMyRun app

  1. It has a huge collection of songs suitable for workouts.
  2. It is an ideal app for improving your performance while exercising.
  3. It will make your workouts fun.
  4. There are a no. of playlists specially designed for you.
  5. It is available for free on Google play store.

5) 4Shared music

4Shared music is an excellent mp3 downloader app for android. It has a huge collection of songs which can be downloaded for free. It allows user to search for their favourite songs among its huge database.

It automatically filters the best song for you based on your choice. 4Shared music offers 15 GB cloud storage for its every user that carries the songs which are downloaded by the user. You can add songs to your own playlists, so that you can easily find them out. 4Shared music contains high quality songs which will enhance your music experience. Moving on to the features of 4Shared music app.

Key features of 4Shared music

  1. It has over 6 million songs, so you will never get short of Music.
  2. Its UI is little bit old but through it is simple and user friendly.
  3. It gives you cloud access therefore you will never lose your loved songs.
  4. You can stream music online.
  5. It can also be used to create your own playlists.

6) Gtunes Music

Gtunes is simple but still a good music downloader app. It has a good collection of music from different genres. With Gtunes you can download any song for free. It allows you to add your favourite songs to your own playlists.

One of the best thing about Gtunes is that you can create a ringtone from any song. It also displays lyrics for many songs and thus it is a perfect app for listening music. You can also search for your favourite songs with the help of search tool. Gtunes has a very simple and user friendly interface.

Key features of Gtunes Music

  1. You can download unlimited no. of songs with the help of Gtunes app.
  2. It has a user friendly interface which is quite simple to use and operate.
  3. Preview option is very helpful as it allow user to listen to a song before downloading it.
  4. A user can easily search for any song by typing artist name, genre or album name.
  5. Gtunes contains high quality songs.

7) Palco mp3

Palco app was basically designed as a building platform for Brazilian musicians. You will get a huge collection of songs on Palco which are handcrafted by the Brazilian musicians. Palco app has songs from various genres such as: – EDM, hip-hop, samba etc.

Palco app has radio channels which can surely refresh your mind. This app has a nice and simple user interface which is easy to operate and use. You can also download the songs of your desire with the help of Palco app. Now let’s focus on the features of Palco app.

Key features of Palco

  1. You can search for any song in a matter of seconds with its quick search tool.
  2. You can stream a no. of radio channels which can refresh your mind.
  3. It has music creations from thousands of artists.
  4. You will get songs from different genres and artists.
  5. You can create your own playlists with songs of your choice.

8) Saavn Music Player

Saavn is one of the best Indian music downloader app for android. It has gained alot popularity among the music lovers around the world because of its amazing service. It has songs from a no. of languages such as: – Hindi, English, Tamil, Urdu, Bengali etc. You can create your own playlists having your favourite songs.

There are categories having songs for every mood. It has top charts section which has all top songs from every language. It provides a utility to search for any song through its helpful search tool. But there’s a drawback using saavn app and that is you cannot download songs unless you have upgraded to saavn pro. Let’s talk about features of saavn app.

Key features of saavn

  1. You will get access to millions of songs from a no. of languages.
  2. It has a search tool trough which you can easily search for your favourite songs.
  3. You can create your own playlists with songs of your choice.
  4. There are categories which have songs for every mood.
  5. It provides streaming of high quality songs.

9) Hungama music downloader

Hungama is another Indian music app which is quite popular among music lovers for streaming and downloading songs. With Hungama app you will get access to thousands of songs from various languages including Hindi, English, Tamil, and Punjabi etc. There are more than 3 million songs in this app with numerous varieties.

It has categories which consist songs from different genre such as: – Bollywood, Hollywood, Happy, Sad, Devotional etc. Hungama app has a wide range of songs from a no. of artists. There are playlists in this app which are specially made to refresh your mood. Hungama also has different radio channels dedicated to different kind of music. Now let’s have a look on features of Hungama app.

Key Features of Hungama

  1. On downloading Hungama app, you will get an access to a huge collection of songs.
  2. You can choose songs according to your mood with the help of different categories.
  3. There are top charts to get you aware of best songs of all time.
  4. It has songs from various languages.
  5. It will allow you to stream high quality music online.

10) Skull Mp3 Music Downloader

Skull Mp3 Downloader is another wonderful music downloader app for android. It is a fast and reliable app. It allows user to preview a song before downloading it which is quite helpful in selecting out the best song. This app has a simple user interface which is easy to understand and operate. Skull Mp3 is one of the best free music downloader app.

A search tool makes sure that you will get your preferred songs. Skull Mp3 Music downloader also enables you to download songs in a matter of minutes. A user can make his own playlist with songs of his choice. If you like you can directly stream music through this app. Skull Mp3 Music Downloader allows you to filter out your favourite songs by artists or by genre. Here are some features of Skull Mp3 Music Downloader app:-

Key features of Skull Mp3 Music Downloader

  1. It has a simple UI which makes it user friendly.
  2. A user can download songs from its huge database.
  3. It provides fast music downloading.
  4. You can easily search for any song through the search tool.
  5. It provides streaming songs before downloading it.


All the apps we have provided above have some pros and cons. They have certain features which make them different from other apps in the list. We have tried our best to make this list of top ten best music downloader apps for android. A no of things were taken into consideration while making this list such as: – Features, drawbacks, accessibility, Size etc. Our list contains only those apps which doesn’t affect the working of your android phone. The apps we have mentioned above are reliable and safe.

If I would have to give my personal review rather than my team then I would like to put Google play music app on top and I think the brand behind this app defines it all. I mean Google is far ahead of other companies in terms of technology and Google play music is among their best creations. This app has all what it takes to be a good music app. It is not only a music downloader but also a well known music player app. And it has an amazing user interface compared to other apps in this list. However the list we have prepared is created by the opinions of our each team member and therefore I respect it.


So this was our list of Top 10 Best Music Downloader Apps for Android. The apps we have provided above are reliable, safe and secure and you can get them at Google store for free. If you think like we have missed any important Music downloader app then let us know in the comment section below.

If you’ve any suggestion or any addition for this list of best music downloader apps, do let us know. Keep downloading free music from these apps and enjoy. Do visit our site best music downloaders for more.